Farm at Prophetstown

Greater Lafayette Legends

Have you ever wondered about what legends, folk lore or ghost stories have been told about the Lafayette-West Lafayette area? Well, maybe these will be intriguing to you! Ever wonder how Happy Hallow Park got its name? Some say it’s because there used to be a still located there during prohibition…

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Cemetery Ghost Stories and Folklore

The Lafayette – West Lafayette area is full of folklore and ghost stories if you look hard enough. While things are very different this year due to Covid-19, there are still ways you can explore history and get your spook on while remaining safe and social distancing. Why not start by checking out…

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Autumn Outdoor Dining

Fresh Air Eats has been extended! What does this mean? Every weekend, Friday-Sunday through November 15, streets in Downtown Lafayette are closing to expand outdoor dining patios! Come downtown to enjoy your favorite establishment's food and drink in a whole new way! Or visit nearby restaurants in…

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Greater Lafayette Outdoor Dining

Dine outdoors this fall! Our community is doing everything we can to keep you safe and one way is to offer a plethora of fabulous, outdoor dining options. Check out Lafayette-West Lafayette's unique patio locations. Fresh Air Eats! Every weekend, Friday-Sunday through November 1, streets in…

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