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Jo Wade, Margy Deverall, Jerry Hunley, Kay Conner, Linda Eales, Tetia Lee, Whitney McBell, Iseral Quintero and Ken McCammon.

Dining Divas & Dudes Taste Kitami

Kitami is tastefully tucked into the corner of 7th and main streets downtown. If one were to scamper into this well-dressed establishment sayyyy fifteen minutes late, they might not immediately recognize the sophisticated decor and spacious interior. As such, I suggest you leave on time so you can…

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Dining Divas & Dudes Review Bao Dumplings

Dining Divas & Dudes set out to taste one of West Lafayette's newest restaurants, Bao Dumplings. Dumplings, soups, noodles and more, this is a Chinese restaurant you will not want to miss! Read their review below: Bao Dumplings is relatively new. It opened in December of 2022 and is owned and…

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