Wolf Park

4004 E. 800 N., Battle Ground, IN 47920

Description: Wolf Park is a nonprofit education and research facility dedicated to the conservation of wolves, which was established in 1972 by Dr. Erich Klinghammer. Along with research and seminars on wolf behavior, Wolf Park provides interpretive programs to groups throughout the year by prearrangement. Wolf Park sits on 78 acres and is just 15 minutes from Lafayette/West Lafayette.

Wolf ParkWolf Park

Wolf Park’s staff has studied wolf behavior and educated the public, school groups, and people of all ages along with many dog enthusiasts about wolf conservation and behavior. The park offers general programming; often including a guided tour to learn about this endangered and misunderstood species. Visitors can see wolves, coyotes, foxes, and bison. Howl Nights offer visitors a chance to howl, ask questions, and to hear the lovely tones of the wolves in reply while watching the wolves interact with the staff and each other just three feet away. The primary open season runs May through November. Wolf Park is open daily 9:30-2:30p.m. Saturdays until 9pm. Howl Nights are Friday & Saturday at 7p.m. Please make reservations for all guided tours & Howl Nights at at WolfPark.org.

WolfWolf Howl Nights

Wolf Park features special events throughout the year such as Wolves Birthday, Watermelon Party, Pumpkin Party, Turkey Toss, and their new winter event, Wine With Wolves. Please check Wolf Park's website to make reservations and for the latest update for special events at WolfPark.org.