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Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana Community Brand

As of 2003, all Lafayette-West Lafayette printed publications and materials, whether for internal or external use, should reflect the new community brand. Reference Guidelines for use on proper application. Reference Typography and Color usage for inks and fonts.


Mac Users will need to click link and do a "save as" to desired location. Mac .eps and .tif files are self extracting .sit folders.
PC Users will need to right click and select target location and "save as" to desired location. PC .tif and .eps are .zip stuffed folders.


This webpage was created to assist in promoting the Lafayette-West Lafayette brand. Please review these guidelines carefully before creating any materials using any of the logos above. Any questions or comments about appropriate use of the logos should be directed to Joann Wade at Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette. A contact link is provided below.

The logos may not be used in any announcement, advertisement, publication, or report if such use in any way implies
endorsement of any product or service. If use is questionable, permission must be given.


For consistency of visual communication, the Lafayette-West Lafayette typography standards are consistent with the standards of Purdue University. Standard faces are required when used as part of the core identity such as in letterhead design. Standard typefaces may be used beyond these core identity applications, however, there is no restriction on the selection and use of typefaces beyond the core identity usage.

Minion has been selected as the serif font and Frutiger has been selected as the san serif font. These specific fonts should be used on all printed stationery items. Minion is primarily intended to be used for body copy. Frutiger is primarily intended to be used as a display face and for the body text of internal communications such as memos and letters.

If you are using a laser printer and do not have Frutiger, you are encouraged to substitute Helvetica and Arial. If you do not have Minion on your laser printer, you may substitute Times or Times New Roman. The consistent use of type fonts will establish and promote a professional and cohesive look for all communications. 

minion family fontfrutiger family font


The Lafayette-West Lafayette brand utilizes with permission the official colors of Purdue University. The distinctive shade of gold and black is recognizable worldwide as a graphic representation of the University. Precise color matching is challenging across different medium. Purdue University has chosen the following Pantone matching system colors for versatility and consistency:

pantone chip 1245upantone chip 132cpantone chip 8960

PMS 1245U (uncoated paper stock)
PMS 132C (coated paper stock)
PMS 8960 (metallic ink varnished or unvarnished)
Pantone Black

For WEB reproduction, the gold should be presented by the hexadecimal value of B1946C
Accent gold should be represented as the hexadecimal value of E0D5C5