Photo and Video Sharing

Your business is what makes Greater Lafayette such a wonderful place to visit, and we want to feature you more often on our website, social platforms and print pieces.

We use a tool called CrowdRiff to manage our image library, secure permissions to content and display images on our website in galleries. There are a few simple steps you can take if you are interested in being featured more prominently in our marketing efforts:

  1. When posting on social, tag your images with #homeofpurdue so we can find them easily
  2. Contact our Director of Communications, Sara Erickson, to let her know you are comfortable with us resharing any of your social media content on our channels. 
  3. Connect with our Crowdriff account by clicking on the button below and downloading images and videos directly into our image library.

Crowdriff Connect

Connect your social platforms to Crowdriff, our user generated content platform. After you connect your account, this will allow us to view your Instagram reels, stories, and posts that you're tagged or mentioned in.

Connect your social accounts at the button below. 


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