Indulge in a culinary adventure at Tsunami Sushi and Korean Chicken Wing, a Dining Divas & Dudes rave-worthy review! Join in as we delve into the exquisite flavors and vibrant atmosphere that make Tsunami a must-visit destination for sushi and chicken wing enthusiasts. Read our detailed review for a glimpse into this culinary haven where East Asian flavors come alive in every bite!

We entered this joint fully anticipating a wave of flavor. Once easily recognized as the Great Wall, and later Joe’s Pancake House; it now wears a new hat as Tsunami Sushi and Korean Chicken Wing. It’s nice and spacious inside, with plenty of room for family and friends to feast on any of the family-sized specials featured on the menu. With an expansive menu ranging from individual sushi rolls, to curries and wings, there is sure to be something to strike your fancy. 

Tsunami Sushi and Korean Chicken Wing

We ravenous diners started our lunch with a round of shared appetizers because, well, sharing is caring and we dare to care! The Vegetarian Gyoza was well cooked with a nice crisp exterior from the pan sear and deliciously filled with the usual suspects. Takoyaki is a dumpling ball filled with octopus and tastefully adorned with a special sauce. The plate emptied quickly and the crowd was pleased! Always a fan favorite, the edamame was well seasoned and gone before we knew it. 

The specialty featured on the menu is “famous Korean chicken wings”. We inquired about the most popular flavor, as the menu boasts 7 different options. We agreed on the Supreme Wing, and were all ready to bow down in its glory. These babies are saucy, sassy, and ready to rage. They are breaded and sauced, yet by some miraculous intervention, the breading was somehow still crispy! We knew this was going to be a good time when they provided us with gloves to use in the demolition of the platter. Don’t worry, you can still lick your fingers if you want to, it’s not that weird. 

Tsunami Sushi and Korean Chicken Wing

Once the main plates started to arrive, our table was overtaken by a flurry of excitement akin to a playground at recess. Our heads were whipping back and forth as we scrambled to see what was happening next. The presentation of these dishes is seriously unparalleled. The portions are colossal, and the sounds and scents really got the party going.

Jo had the Veggie Curry, sans rice, per her own preference. While her omission of carbs feels unhinged to a diagnosed carboholic like myself, I must concede that I wouldn’t have noticed anything missing from her platter! It was rich in flavor, and pleasantly spicy, which was also unexpected. The vegetables were cooked al dente and packed the exact right amount of crunch to satisfy her palate. 

I wasn’t quite ready and panic ordered the Dynamite Roll and have precisely zero regrets about my last minute decision. You’re never going to believe this, but my Dynamite Roll was…outstanding! Hah! You thought I was going to say dynamite! This was delicious, and didn’t feel as deep fried as I’ve had at other establishments which was nice. The sauce topping was divine, and I would absolutely order it again and again!

Tsunami Sushi and Korean Chicken Wing

Linda ordered Udon with Shrimp Tempura. The shrimp tempura was served on the side and absolutely beautiful! Her steaming bowl of udon was distracting to say the least! The udon broth was savory and balanced the noodles and shrimp tempura wonderfully! Try though she did, she couldn’t conquer the entire bowl, which is indicative of the portion size presented to her. 

Jerry’s Beef Teriyaki was the last to arrive, but it was worth the wait! It’s always so exciting to see a perfectly shaped mound of rice, and this was served along side a skillet of scentsual (see what I did there?) beef and veggies. Jerry was very happy with it, and it was his first time ever having beef teriyaki. He described it as sweet and just fantastic. 

Margy’s Veggie Roll was lacking nothing and utterly perfect. It featured the standard veggie roll ingredients, but with the asparagus cooked in place of raw. The flavors were perfectly balanced and perfectly portioned. She added the pickled radishes that came with the wings because we just really couldn’t get enough of them! 

Tsunami Sushi and Korean Chicken Wing

It should also be noted that Jerry and Margy were under the impression that we were coming here last month, so they did themselves, and they were very happy to do it once more! 

Ken’s House Salad was a real dazzler, and nearly large enough to be the main entree! Cool, crisp, and bountifully dressed in a house-made fresh ginger dressing, I had an intense admiration for both the salad itself and Ken’s ability to gracefully maneuver his lettuce with chopsticks. This is a man who can handle his rig with safety! His Spicy Salmon Roll appeared promptly thereafter, and it was also a large portion of good looking matter. It can be described as awesome, wonderful, and there was no evidence that it had ever existed at all!

Tetia’s Bibimbap had a dazzling sizzle that was music to our ears. I didn’t know what it was, but I sure wanted to get to know it. Nearly all of us got up from our table to get a closer look for ourselves. It was delicious, and the bibimbap sauce made it sparkle! Massive in size, it was a good combination of flavors. The rice on the bottom was nice and crispy, and every bite had a different flavor. It was topped with a fried egg, which was the icing on the cake! Each dish comes with a surprise bowl of miso soup as well, which is a welcome surprise!

Tsunami Sushi and Korean Chicken Wing

At the completion of our meal, we were each presented with a gift box. Inside were two absolutely gorgeous sets of ornate chopsticks! What a generous gift, and not one of us could believe it! Each of us would excitedly come back again, and you should too! Now get out there and taste the magic!

Tsunami Sushi and Korean Chicken Wing


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