It is finally the season of all things great – crisp air, crunchy leaves, and captivating views. Fall is in the air and the weather has never been better to take a walk outside and take in the scenery. Whether you’re a busy student looking for a nice study break, or just a nature fan with an appreciation for beautiful sites, these walking trails are for you.

Clegg Gardens

My friend and I stopped for a self-timer picture out on the trail at Clegg Botanical Gardens.

Celery Bog

Located at 1620 Lindberg Road in West Lafayette, the Celery Bog is just minutes away from Purdue’s campus. 

Parking was available at both the visitor’s center at the top of the road and in a small gravel lot on the way up.

My favorite part of this footpath was the lookout that provided views far over the water, extending toward the Brick Boilermaker Golf Complex. Nestled within the trees, this spot is a great place to step out and gaze at the beauty of orange, red, and yellow trees reflecting off the water. This particular path I took is about 1.5 miles into the woods. There is also a 4.3-mile paved trail surrounding the perimeter lined with foliage on both sides.

Celery Bog

Overlooking the water from the lookout at Celery Bog

Happy Hollow Park

Located at 1301 Happy Hollow Road in West Lafayette, the trails at Happy Hollow aren’t too far away from the campus. 

Again, I chose to drive to this park and found parking just off of Happy Hollow Road. 

What I enjoyed best about this mile-long paved trail was that it wasn’t just a straight trail. With elevation and turns, there is an added bit of intensity for the walking path lined on both sides by woods. This location also has about a mile worth of footpaths as well for those who want to do more. 

Happy Hollow Park

The foliage walking up one of the curvy inclines at Happy Hollow Park

Tapawingo Park 

Located at 100 Tapawingo Drive in West Lafayette, this paved trail runs along the Wabash River for 1.25 miles. Tapawingo Park is in a great location for all to enjoy. 

Parking can be found just off Brown Street and is 3-hour parking during weekdays.

The scenery is amazing on this trail, as there is another lookout here that oversees the Wabash River and the changing colors can be seen on the trees just on the other side. Being close to Lafayette, the views extend beyond the bridge into the city and the buildings reaching above the foliage. 

Overlooking the Wabash River from Tapawingo ParkOverlooking the Wabash River and the scenery on the Lafayette side from Tapawingo Park 

Cumberland Park

Located at 3101 N. Salisbury Street in West Lafayette, Cumberland Park is great for those looking for a shorter walking trail in the area, as it runs about 1/2 a mile in length. 

In the way of parking, there was a large lot with plenty of spaces. One side was blocked off for the farmer’s market, but that was not problematic at all. 

I chose to venture into the wooded areas to admire the beauty of fall, but there was also a paved path along the perimeter that still provided great views.

Cumberland Park

The sun breaks through the trees early in the morning at Cumberland Park. 

Clegg Botanical Gardens

Located at 1782 N. County Road 400 E. in Lafayette, this trail is a bit farther out of town. However, the road to Clegg Gardens was gorgeous to drive down and was lined with towering trees. 

Be on the lookout for parking right across the street from the entrance and don’t drive past it like I originally did. 

I loved how tranquil this trail was. I made my way there early in the morning and dragged my roommate along, but it was great to have the mile-long path to ourselves. There were stairs that led down to Wildcat Creek, which made for some amazing views as the sun rose. 

Clegg Gardens

The stairs leading down toward the creek at Clegg Botanical Gardens

As much as I love the campus at Purdue, these trails provide a much needed step away. I hope you choose to embrace the crisp air, crunchy leaves and captivating views by taking a walk outdoors this fall. For more information on the trails mentioned above, as well as many others in the Lafayette-West Lafayette area, visit  

This blog was shared by Erin Kelly, Purdue University Student.