Welcome to Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette's Embrace Your Roots Heritage Series, a series dedicated to highlighting businesses that not only enrich the tapestry of our community, but also flourish while honoring the diverse contributions of women that have shaped us. In celebration of Women's History Month, we are featuring two remarkable businesses led by inspiring women.

Flourish Studio and Classroom

Amanda Kennedy, the owner of Flourish Studio and Classroom in Lafayette, is a native of Benton County, Indiana. She attended Purdue University as a first-generation college student, where she earned her degree in art education. After being an art teacher in the local public schools for five years, her unwavering passion for making art available to all inspired her to establish Flourish in 2018.

At Flourish, they embrace the creative process rather than fixating on perfection. The studio is committed to process-driven art, guiding participants with tools, techniques, and helpful hints while encouraging individual expression. In every class, workshop, birthday party, event, open studio session, or mobile art studio appearance at festivals, the emphasis is on the unique journey where every person leaves with a unique creation.

For Amanda, being a female business owner in Greater Lafayette holds profound significance, accompanied by recognition of the challenges both she and the women who preceded her have encountered and overcome. Amanda's mantra revolves around persistent effort and showing up every day. Greater Lafayette is grateful to have Amanda and her impactful business grace our vibrant community, not just in Women's History Month but throughout the entire year.


21 Petals

Stefani Goetz, the founder of 21 Petals Flower Market, embarked on her journey into flower farming following the birth of her son, Foxx, who faced many health challenges early in life. Foxx, born with Trisomy 21, radiates a unique spirit that he generously shares with the world. The name "21 Petals" pays homage to Foxx and all individuals like him.

The mission of 21 Petals is to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities, including their son Foxx, enabling them to spread joy in the community and find empowerment through work and connections, all facilitated by the beauty of flowers. Starting as a small flower farm, 21 Petals has rapidly expanded into a full-service florist specializing in weddings, holidays, funerals, and more. They also offer flower arranging parties and flower bars, extending their impact.

Beyond their services, 21 Petals has played a pivotal role in establishing over 10 small flower farms across the United States through seed starting. Stefani is grateful for the chance to be a successful female business owner, impacting the community through her work. The Greater Lafayette community is fortunate to have Stefani and her business, 21 Petals.

Lafayette-West Lafayette is home to many extraordinary women owned businesses. Our goal is not only to honor all of their achievements during Women's History Month, but also to consistently amplify their narratives throughout the year. Join us as we embrace their roots and dive into the empowering stories of these women-led businesses, embracing the spirit of Women's History Month and the ongoing legacy of female entrepreneurship and leadership.

A special thank you to our tourism partners Flourish Studio and Classroom and 21 Petals Flower Market for sharing their stories with us. 

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