Taste of Purdue

Purdue’s campus is not only home to many famous scholars and outstanding athletes, but also home to some of the best food in the state. Now that classes are out for the summer, I felt it was perfect timing for a taste of Purdue day! I decided to take a whole day to enjoy some of Purdue’s most famous…

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Explore John Purdue Room, HTM Classroom

[caption id="attachment_7562" align="alignright" ] Special Dinner - Bacon Crab cakes and Mac N Cheese![/caption] We all know most of the restaurants on Purdue’s campus, but one may come as a surprise to many. Marriott Hall may seem like just a normal classroom-style building, but it houses the…

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Eggcellent Meal: Visit Another Broken Egg Cafe

One of my husband and I’s favorite weekly traditions is Sunday morning breakfast! Whenever there is a new restaurant in town that serves breakfast, we always make an effort to give it a try. Another Broken Egg Café had been on our list for a while and I am really glad we finally ventured out to try…

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Gary Brackett's Stacked Pickle Arrives at Purdue!

This fall, Purdue gave its guests, students and faculty a treat when they decided to open some new restaurants around the area. If you haven’t had a chance to make it to any of them, I suggest you do as soon as you can! The Stacked Pickle, owned by ex-colts player, Gary Brackett, is one of the…

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