Lafayette is known for its historical locations. From historical settlement sites such as Fort Ouiatenon, to the Haan Mansion Museum of Indiana art, Lafayette truly has much to offer. My personal favorite historical tour of the Greater Lafayette area, however, comes from enjoying the specialty foods that have been around forever.

Purdue University Student, Sebastian Lux, shares this blog. This blog is part of a series of articles submitted to Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette through a cooperation with a 400-level travel writing class at Purdue University.

Triple XXX Duane Purvis Burger All-American Burger / Famous Root Beer

You just can’t talk about Purdue University without mentioning Triple XXX. Opened in 1929, Triple XXX Family Restaurant has been a hot spot for both student and community activity. While I visited, I had to try the glorious root beer as well as the famous Purvis burger, named after Purdue football legend Duane Purvis! While a cheeseburger slathered in peanut butter sounded a bit strange, it was surprisingly right up my alley and I ate every bite!

Triple XXX Family Restaurant

The Frozen Custard

The Frozen Custard has been serving ice cream and treats to the Greater Lafayette community since 1932. It has been at its current location on Main Street and Wallace avenues for nine decades, and it prides itself on still using the original recipes. When I visited, I ordered a plain vanilla dish.

The custard was rich and delicious and allowed me to beat the heat on a warm September day.

Original Frozen Custard

McCord’s Candy Canes

Keeping on the sweets, McCord Candies located in downtown Lafayette offers a feast to the eyes, nose, and mouth. The shop resembles an old-fashioned soda fountain shop and is nestled under a red and white awning on a small corner of Main Street. Immediately upon walking in I was met with wonderful smells coming from every direction. While providing great food and drink, most come for the famous handmade candy canes made available every year during the holiday season. Go to their website to book a tour and see how they are made!

McCord Candies

Arni’s Pizza

Arni’s Restaurant started out right here in Lafayette in the mid 60’s and has become a great success throughout the state of Indiana. They are most well-known for their pizzas, which come cut in squares instead of the normal, triangle cut. After trying a meat lover’s pizza, I can see what the craze is about. Arni’s is now owned by the original owner’s two sons, and you can really tell just how much passion the family has in creating these pizzas!


I do hope you are able to try some of these delicious foods because I don’t think I’ll need to eat for a week after my tour of these specialty foods! And even if you can’t travel here there are options! Both McCord Candies and Triple XXX ship out different items to all parts. For more information regarding food and drink in the greater Lafayette/West Lafayette area, be sure to check out Home of Purdue!