Luiz and Brandon, both culinary students at the Greater Lafayette Career Academy (GLCA), joined Jo, Gabbi, and Emily from Visit Lafayette – West Lafayette for a lunch outing at El Molino Mexican Restaurant & Cantina, situated along Beck Lane in the PayLess Shopping Center. Their visit encompassed not only delicious cuisine, but also exceptional service at this vibrant restaurant. In our blog, we delve into and share their whole experience at El Molino.

EL Molino Restaurant

Brandon stated the restaurant staff was very nice; they brought more chips and refilled our drinks very frequently. He ordered the T-bone Steak and Shrimp. The wait time wasn't long at all for the meal and the frequent replenishing of the chips made the time go by even faster. Everything was made on-site, including the chips and salsa. The steak was presented nicely on a hot pan with plenty of onions. The steak was tender and cooked nicely, and the shrimp was flavorful.

Luiz also agreed El Molino was very well staffed and the service is great. He noted that the food arrived very quickly and it would make a great place to get lunch while on a limited time schedule and the food was very good and filling. The atmosphere was authentic, and El Molino was an ideal dining destination for an exceptional experience.

EL Molino Conversations

Jo selected a shrimp salad that offered large, plentiful grilled shrimp along with cheese and avocados. She shared it was a very tasty dish. She added some of the salsa to her salad that added additional zest.

El Molino Fajitas

Emily ordered the Pollo El Molino which is grilled chicken breast, shrimp and creamy cheese with rice and beans. It was a perfect combination and made for a delicious lunch with even some left over to take home. The dish was full of flavor, perfectly cooked, and a great reason to come back again for more! 

El Molino Shrimp Dishes

Gabbi chose El Molino's Arroz con Pollo, a must-try for anyone craving a taste of Mexico in Lafayette. Served on a generously sized plate, the dish was a delightful symphony of flavors and textures. The rice was perfectly cooked, fluffy, and infused with a savory blend of spices. The chicken was tender and covered in their delicious cheese sauce.

El Molino Arroz con Pollo

The ambiance of El Molino is warm and inviting, with vibrant colors adorning the walls and lively Mexican music creating a lively atmosphere. The friendly staff welcomed us, enhancing the overall dining experience. Be sure to add El Molino Mexican Restaurant & Cantina to your list of quality and tasty local dining spots. Offering an array of delectable dishes, swift and welcoming service, and delightful aromas drifting from the kitchen, it’s a place that is well worth visiting time and time again!

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