This summer, the beloved Union Club Hotel, located in the heart of Purdue University at 201 Grant St., West Lafayette, underwent extensive renovations. In addition to remodeling the lobby and rooms, a bar, coffee shop, and restaurant were added within the hotel, which was built in 1929.

Boiler Up Bar Sign

Boiler Up Bar sign on Grant Street

The Boiler Up Bar, along with the renovated hotel, opened on Aug 5., 2020. As you enter the Union Club Hotel, green, gold, and blue steps lead you to beautiful wooden doors. On the right is the Boiler Up Bar, located in suite 110.

Purdue Memorial Union Step

Union Club Hotel stairs

Boiler Up Bar

Inside the Boiler Up Bar (Suite 110)

Walking into the Boiler Up Bar, you will see old relics of Purdue University, like classic black and gold football helmets. Boilermaker memorabilia is expertly showcased in the divider between the bar and Leaps Coffee, making it the perfect place for alumni to reminisce on their college days.

Boiler Up Bar Purdue memorabilia

Purdue memorabilia

For current students, the Boiler Up Bar is a great study area. The bar plays quiet music, has calming blue walls, bright lights, and extremely comfortable chairs. Tables are strategically placed within the bar so that students can maintain social distancing and have their own study spaces. In fact, I went to the bar around 3 p.m. just to study and get a cocktail with friends.

Students studying in the Boiler Up Bar

Students studying in the Boiler Up Bar

When we got the drink menu, I was very surprised that the drinks were reasonably priced for artisanal drinks. Since this was my first Boiler Up Bar experience, I thought it was only fitting to get the Union Club cocktail.

Boiler Up Bar drink menu

Boiler Up Bar drink menu

The bartender was very friendly and made sure to make my drink look Instagram worthy. Not only was the Union Club cocktail aesthetically pleasing to look at, as the ice cubes were perfectly symmetrical and it was garnished with a big cucumber slice, it was extremely tasty. With each sip, I could taste a different citrus flavor.


The Union Club cocktail

The Union Club cocktail

I cannot wait to go back and try out other "Instagrammable" cocktails and maybe even get a little studying in! For more information about restaurants and bars at Purdue University, visit

Devyn Raver, Purdue University Student, shares this blog.