Four generations and original recipes: that is one to describe Igloo Frozen Custard. This family owned business has been around since 1932. 
When traveling to Lafayette, Igloo Frozen Custard should be a place you should cross off your must-do list. Here are five reasons why:
1. Drinks

You see it everywhere, the signature picture of someone holding their Igloo cup. Igloo is a place known for their flavored cokes. You can order anything from a vanilla coke to a marshmallow coke. Igloo also has an original drink, “The Fruit Drink,” which is a mix of pineapple, orange, and lemon juices.  

Igloo Frozen Custard

2. Atmosphere

When you walk through the doors here you will notice it is a lot different than any other place in town. The old bar stools and booths give a sense of nostalgia to Igloo. This is a place in town people will park their cars in the parking lot and hang out on a Friday night. The atmosphere is fun and inviting.

Igloo Frozen Custard

3. The Food

In the mood for some fried pickles? Or maybe a tenderloin? This is the place to grab a quick snack or a meal. Their selections remind me of a mix of newer recipes and old-fashioned diner favorites. I had fried pickles when I was visiting Igloo, and my friend had cheese fries and we could not complain. They have a vast menu of food to pick from; everyone can find something they like here. Their menu has anything from fried mushrooms to their Igloo salad.

Igloo Frozen Custard

4. Perfect for everyone

Igloo is a great place for everyone. This is a fun place to bring the kids for an afterschool snack, or even have a girls night. Igloo is also a good spot for a quick ice cream date with your special someone. There is even a patio section with an ordering window, so you can bring your furry friends and have an ice cream cone outside.

Igloo Frozen Custard

5. The Custard

Igloo Frozen Custard has its name for a reason. They still to this day use the family recipes their grandparents that first owned it used. They make in house flavors daily like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, birthday cake, and more. I had their chocolate when I was there, and it was very good.

Igloo has two locations: 4909 Tazer Drive, Lafayette and 1817 Troxel Court, Lafayette.

Enjoy a visit to the Igloo Frozen Custard this summer!