Diverse, accessible, and world-class. These words describe Lafayette-West Lafayette's public art scene. Start your next adventure and head outdoors to embrace the arts! Lafayette-West Lafayette is home to over 115 pieces of public art. Get out and explore our lovely sculptures, murals, fountains, and more.  And be sure to share with us on our social media channels and tag #homeofpurdue. We want to hear what you think!

Here are a few of our favorites to get you motivated to explore our public art trail!

Elephant in the Room

Grab your umbrellas! No, grab your phones for this fun photo opportunity! Elephant in the Room located Downtown Lafayette.

Help the World Thrive - Wabash Walls

     Wabash Walls

Walk around Wabash Walls and explore a plethora of art featuring over 20 artists.

Better Together Mural

Find public art not only in our Downtown areas and Purdue, but throughout the Greater Lafayette Area.

We are better together!


Purdue University is proud of their traditions and one tradition you can start is finding all their public art pieces! There are over 30 pieces on campus.

Bicentennial-Gateway-Flame Bicentennial-Gateway-What-Lines

Indiana celebrated their Bicentennial in 2016! These 2 pieces located downtown Lafayette celebrate Indiana's 200th birthday.

Small Spaces

Small Spaces- A public art installation throughout Downtown Lafayette that integrates street art into our communities by focusing on small spaces.


Dogs love Public Art too!

Visiting our Solar System

Dreams come true at Purdue!

To learn more about these pieces of public art click here. Or to view our online flipbook visit: https://issuu.com/lwlcvb/docs/2021publicartbrochure. Enjoy!