Mid Century Modern

West Lafayette experienced rapid growth in the years following World War II as returning veterans created a demand for additional faculty and administrators at Purdue University. The boom caused a sharp increase in residential construction over the next 20 years. Four of these homes were designed by architect Robert Smith, a professor at the University of Illinois, who had 20 commissions in West Lafayette. These homes feature his signature details – integration of the structure with nature, expansive glass walls, the use of natural materials, and louvered openings to enhance ventilation.


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Benda House 300 Hollowood Drive 1955 ——
Binier—Beelke—Sweet House 304 Hollowood Drive 1956 1992
Curtis—Grace House 2175 Tecumseh Park Lane 1958 1992
Kaplan House 346 Hollowood Drive 1956 2002
Kilsheimer House 1607 Western Drive 1966


Mary Ann & Charles Dye House 1809 Happy Hollow Road 1956


SAMARA House 1301 Woodland Avenue 1955 2005
Strickler House 132 Mohican Place 1963 ——