Become A Participating Location!

Calling all locally owned eateries in Greater Lafayette and surrounding areas! We want you! Come join this fun-filled dining event as a participating location! Greater Lafayette Restaurant Week event invites diners to take advantage of event-exclusive dining options at our community's locally owned restaurants and eateries, either through dine in or carry out options. All locally owned eateries including restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, ice cream parlors and more are invited to participate in this event.

About Greater Lafayette Restaurant Week:

Restaurant weeks are a great way to increase interest and traffic to locally owned restaurants and eateries, a much needed asset as our community re-emerges to normalcy. Created in conjunction with Greater Lafayette Marketing Coalition and including the backing power of the City of Lafayette, City of West Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, Visit Lafayette West Lafayette, Greater Lafayette Commerce, and Purdue University, this event is positioned to become a staple event in the Greater Lafayette community.

When will this event take place?


Greater Lafayette Restaurant Week Enrollment Includes:

  • Completion of Registration Form
  • Explanation of three-course menu or value-priced item
  • Submission of gift cards (Restaurants should submit TWO-$20 Cards; Eateries should submit FOUR-$10 Cards)
  • Submission of $75 Registration Fee
  • Mail or drop off gift cards to Greater Lafayette Commerce, 337 Columbia Street, Lafayette, IN 47906


Restaurant Participation FAQS:

Who is an eligible business?

Locally owned restaurants and eateries in the Greater Lafayette area are welcome to join! If your business is able to accommodate the menu guidelines, we welcome you to join! Eligible businesses must primarily sell food or beverages and be locally owned (sorry, no corporate locations).

What’s the different between a restaurant and an eatery?

A restaurant is a location in which a combination of food items in a variety of dining courses can be achieved. Restaurants must be able to provide a ‘three-course-choice.’ A course can be defined as a drink, appetizer, entrée, or dessert. An eatery is defined as any ‘non-restaurant’ where multiple courses (or a “full meal”) cannot be purchased. Some examples of an eatery include ice cream shops, bars, coffee shops, donut shops, and similar locations. Eateries must have a ‘value-priced choice’ which includes any item at a price point that is not typical to any of their daily, weekly, or monthly specials.

What should my menu include?

Participating locations are invited to choose their menu items that they would like included in this event. Menus can include flagship items, new items, or a mixture of both! There are two types of eligible menus: Restaurant or Eatery.

Restaurant: Restaurants must have a ‘three-course choice,’ which includes three menu items at a single price point. It is up to the restaurant what three items are included in this combination. Some examples may be a drink, entrée, and dessert or an appetizer, entrée, and dessert. These can be value-sized or regular-sized portions, but should reflect a perceived value for the customer. We suggest these three-course menus be value priced according to your restaurant’s relative price points and be a whole dollar amount.

Eatery: Other eateries must have a ‘value-priced choice’ which includes any item at a price point that is not typical to any of their daily, weekly, or monthly specials. An eatery is defined as any ‘non-restaurant’ where a full meal cannot be purchased. Some examples include ice cream shops, bars, coffee shops, donut shops, and similar locations.

Why are gift cards a required cost?

In addition to the registration fee, participating locations will be required to submit Gift Cards to their location. Restaurants are required to submit TWO $20 Gift Cards. Eateries are required to submit FOUR $10 Gift Cards. These gift cards will be used to promote Greater Lafayette Restaurant Week during the event's span. Gift cards will be used on social media giveaways, news giveaways, random drawings, and more! These gift cards are an important and essential part to the success of this event.

Why is there a registration fee for this event?

We very much appreciate the participation of all eligible businesses in this event. In order to get the highest participation from potential customers, marketing is incredibly important. Your fee is used for marketing on the radio, television, billboards, newspaper, as well as in flyers, clings, and other printed materials. We make sure to be smart with each dollar to get the most marketing and highest chance of success for this event.