Ninth Street Hill

When William Digby platted the town of Lafayette in 1825, the eastern boundary of the city was Sixth Street. The city continued to expand and by 1841 this was Clark Street (later 9th Street) and the area was known as “Prospect Hill”. City records show it officially became Ninth Street in 1860. During the era of railroad expansion and prosperity from 1853 to 1872, some of Lafayette's wealthy families who could afford servants and carriages, built "country estates" on the hill. Homes in the area were built primarily from the 1850s to 1950s in a range of architectural styles including Queen Anne, Gothic Revival, Folk Victorian and Craftsman. The area was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1997.

Neighborhood attractions include the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette and the Moses-Fowler House owned by the Tippecanoe County Historical Association.

Ninth Street Hill NeighborhoodNinth Street Hill Neighborhood

Ninth Street Hill NeighborhoodNinth Street Hill Neighborhood Art Museum

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name address built


Baird—Ditto House 525 S. 7th Street 1930


Blackstock—Nargi House 904 E. State Street 1898


Catherine A. Porter House 207 S. 9th Street 1895


Cullen—Larson House 410 S. 7th Street 1908


Dr. James W. Wilson House 453 S. 9th Street 1871


Hight—Andrew—O'Connor House 714 Kossuth Street 1916


Hueston—Rosewood—Thomas House 122 S. 9th Street 1835 1991
Jaques—Klinker House 605 S. 7th Street 1913 1991
Marshall—Lahr House 822 Kossuth Street 1916 1999
McCabe—Wiese—Downie House 505 Lingle Terrace 1916 1991
Moses Fowler House 909 South Street 1851 1991
Murdock—Marshall—Minjarez House 533 S. 9th Street 1905 1999
Purdue President's Home—
Levering—McBride House
515 S. 7th Street 1919 1991
Reitmeier—Kienly—Klink House 400 S. 7th Street 1900 1994
Sample—Burt—Walker House 306 S. 9th Street 1879 2006
Stillwell—Taylor—Needham House 301 S. 9th Street 1894 1997
Taylor—Snyder House 512 S. 7th Street 1898 1991
Terry—Mattson House
412 S. 9th Street 1909 2009
Walker—Slinker—Poelstra House 522 S. 7th Street 1913 1991
William W. Johnson House 212 S. 9th Street 1899 1998