Children, as well as adults, know all about werewolves, wolves in fairy tales, wolves howling at the moon, and perhaps even that wolves are being reintroduced to places like Yellowstone Park.  But, when it comes to information such as what they actually eat, how they interact within the pack, and how they communicate…it is more difficult to discover the facts.


Wolf Park, near Lafayette, Indiana, offers a unique opportunity for this type of wildlife education.  It is one of the few research facilities of its kind in the world.  Wolf Park participates primarily in behavioral research, including cognitive research. The fact that the wolves are hand-raised helps considerably, as this allows and encourages them to exhibit their full range of behavior in front of researchers (and visitors, too!). 

A visitors’ center is available that allows year-round viewing. A herd of American bison is also kept at the park and an on-going study of interaction between the bison and wolves is explained.  Wolf Howl Nights are a very popular activity for all ages.  From May to November they are held on Friday and Saturday nights…the rest of the year on Saturdays (weather permitting).  This unusual learning experience explains how wolves communicate and then encourages visitors to raise their voices with the wolves.  Throughout the year Wolf Park offers many activities and events, featuring special guests -- both two- and four-legged -- fun parties, unusual opportunities and more.  

Wolf Park HalloweenWolf Howl Nights