Elliott Hall of Music

Purdue University, 712 3rd Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907
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Elliott Hall of Music is regal and understated. It’s a venue that energizes the glamour of a theatrical production or the simplicity of a renowned author's book talk. Elliott Hall is filled with the spirit of the many legends who have graced its stage—from Bob Hope to the Dalai Lama, Robin WIlliams to Maya Angelou.

Seats 6005 on three level

Stage: 136’ wide x 37’ deep

One of the largest proscenium theatres in the U.S.

Two dressing rooms with private baths; other multiple dressing rooms

Opened in 1940

Purdue University landmark at Third and University Streets

Purdue Convocations presents Broadway musicals, operas, ballets, rock, country and pop groups, as well as comedians, lecturers and symphonies on the Elliott Hall stage. Elliott Hall is also home to the nationally recognized Purdue Musical Organizations’ Christmas Show. The University’s commencement exercises, honors programs and conference events also take place here.