Greater Lafayette is home to a vibrant and growing thrift shopping scene, with an assortment of traditional thrift stores and curated shops to cater to every thrifting preference. In the traditional thrift category, you'll find popular destinations like Millie's, Goodwill, Lost, Then Found Thrift Store, Habitat for Humanity, and the Salvation Army. These are perfect havens for avid thrifters who relish the excitement of the hunt, where each visit promises the potential discovery of a hidden gem.

On the other hand, for those seeking a more curated and hand-picked thrift shopping experience, Greater Lafayette also offers a generous selection of specialty thrift shops. These curated businesses are tailor-made for individuals who prefer the legwork to be done for them. They showcase meticulously selected items, making it an ideal choice for those looking for treasures without the exhaustive search.

Whether you're a seasoned thrifter or someone who appreciates the convenience of a curated selection, Greater Lafayette provides a wealth of choices to satisfy your thrift shopping desires.  

Thrift Trail

Traditional Thrift Stores

Millie’s Thrift Store

Locations: 101 Plaza Lane in Lafayette626 North Earl Avenue in Lafayette, and 535 W State St in West Lafayette 

Millie's Thrift Store is a popular Greater Lafayette Thrift Store offering all types of used items from clothing, decor, cookware, furniture, and so much more. In 1981, Millie Haughn started reselling used items out of her garage to raise money for the Lafayette School System. 40 years later, Millie’s has now grown to three locations in the Greater Lafayette area. The mission of Millie's has grown too. They now support more than just the Lafayette Catholic School System (LCSS). Millie’s is a registered 501(c)(3) not for profit organization who focuses on keeping prices low/accessible, providing well paying jobs, giving clothes to those in need through their Millie’s Cares program, Federal Senior Employment program, Paid College Internship program, scholarships, Support Education and a Sustainability program. 

The inside of Millie's Thrift Store on Purdue's Campus

Lost, then found Thrift Store

Location: 2324 Shoshone Ct, Lafayette, IN

Lost, Then Found Thrift Store is a non-profit store that supports the community and the work being done at Trinity Life Ministry. Known for being more than a thrift store, but a place to build relationships and connect with the community in a positive way. Lost, Then Found profits help offset the costs of their addiction programs. At Lost, Then Found, you will find clothing, furniture, wares, and more. The first Saturday of each month is 50% off at Lost, Then Found! 

The inside of the wares section at Lost Then Found Thrift Store in Lafayette, Indiana

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Location: 3815 Fortune Dr in Lafayette

Habitat for Humanity ReStore works directly with Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit organization that helps families build and improve places to call home. Here you will find resale furniture and home goods. Habitat ReStores are independently owned reuse stores operated by local Habitat for Humanity organizations. These ReStores gladly welcome donations and offer an ever-evolving selection of varied, top-notch goods to the general public, all at a fraction of their original retail cost. In the process, they play a pivotal role in redirecting reusable household items and construction materials away from local landfills, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-conscious approach.


Locations: Lafayette-101 Shenandoah Dr and 3229 Daugherty Dr. 

West Lafayette-200 Sagamore Pkwy W

As one of the most well-known thrift store chains in the country, Goodwill offers an extensive selection of gently used clothing, accessories, home goods, and more. Whether you're on the hunt for affordable work attire, a hidden gem in the form of vintage vinyl records, or even stylish home decor, Goodwill Lafayette has it all. Greater Lafayette Goodwills are certified agency of United Way of Central Indiana.

The Salvation Army Family Store

Location: 2121 Sagamore Pkwy S in Lafayette

The Salvation Army Family Store is a true treasure trove. The store is renowned for its wide selection of clothing, furniture, household items, and electronics. Whether you're searching for a vintage dress, a unique piece of furniture, or simply looking to browse through a diverse range of items, this thrift store won't disappoint.

Curated Thrift Stores

Amused Clothing

Locations: 3023 South St in Lafayette and 316 1/2 W State St in West Lafayette

Amused Clothing stands as a pillar in the used clothing scene, with roots dating back to its establishment in 1986. Amidst the realm of thoughtfully curated thrift stores in Lafayette, Amused Clothing reigns as one of the pioneers. Their offerings feature an array of vintage clothing and vinyl records. With two locations, the original nestled in a basement in the heart of Chauncey Hill and another on South Street in Lafayette, a voyage awaits those who seek thrifted finds. Follow them on Instagram for updates: @amusedclothingco

Rags to Riches

Location: 918 Main St in Lafayette

Located on Main Street, Downtown Lafayette, Rags to Riches offers an extensive collection of thoughtfully curated thrifted items, with a focus on graphic tees, an assortment of vintage sports apparel, and a variety of unique clothing pieces. Rags to Riches goal is to uncover the lost fashion gems of the past while creating an environmentally sustainable yet fashionable place for everyone to shop. The dedication of owners Cody and Kaylee shines through in every aspect of their business, evident in their engaging social media presence and the welcoming atmosphere of their store. Never miss out on new items or sales by following Rags to Riches on Instagram: @ragsonmainvintage

Vintage Vault

Location: 525 Wabash Ave in Lafayette

Vintage Vault is one of Greater Lafayette’s newest and largest vintage and retro stores. At The Vault, you’ll find vintage sports apparel, jerseys, hats, jackets and more. As you browse through the racks and shelves, you'll embark on a journey through the decades sure to find the nostalgic piece of clothing you are looking for. They are located on Wabash Ave not far from downtown Lafayette making it easy to get to with no trouble finding a parking spot. Stay in the loop on sales and updates by following them on Instagram: @vintagevault765

Yette Thrifts

Location: 2415 Sagamore Pkwy S inside Tippecanoe Mall at in Lafayette 

Yette Thrifts opened in August of 2023 and is located in the Tippecanoe Mall. They are a vintage and thrifted apparel shop offering a wide variety of vintage sports apparel and plenty of Purdue items. If you’re looking for curated jerseys, crewnecks, and lots of Nike, Yette Thrifts is the place for you! Follow their Instagram @yette_thrifts_ for drops, updates and more. 


Additional Second Hand Stores and Flea Markets

​​Greater Lafayette Area Thrifting Insider Tips:

  • Get to know your favorite thrift shops deal schedules and special discount days.
  • Have a plan going into thrifting. Thrift stores can be overwhelming and it can be easy to get sidetracked and forget what you went there for. Lists are your friend!
  • Bring reusable bags with you! Buying used items is great for the planet. Keep your trip to the thrift store sustainable from start to finish by bringing your own bag instead of having to get a plastic one at the store!
  • When it comes to clothing, be open minded! Hidden gems can be found outside of your size range or assigned gender section. Some items can easily be placed in the wrong section. Some of my favorite thrifted items were sweaters and flannels found in the men’s section or outside of my typical size range.  
  • Don’t visit the thrift store when you are limited on time! Thrifting takes some time and can’t be rushed. The thrifting experience is truly like a scavenger hunt and can take some patience. The best thrifting trips allow for plenty of time to spot the best finds. 
  • Thrift store employees have many items to sort through and not all tears or stains will be caught before going on the shelf. Tears and stains aren’t always reasons to put your items back on the shelf. For minimal tears and stains, redyeing, patching, and sewing is an option to still purchase that thrifted find you love! 
  • Attend local markets and events where vintage vendors may be present. Our community is home to many curated thrift small business owners who operate primarily at markets and online. Catch them and their finds at our markets all year long. 

The thrift opportunities are endless in Greater Lafayette. Utilize this trail as your go-to resource for an exciting thrift adventure, and feel free to reach out with any questions. Embrace the thrifting experience and happy hunting!