Playtime in the Park

Columbian Park, 1915 Scott Street, Lafayette, IN
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The Curly Q slide at Columbian Park dates back to the 1930s or 1940s and had long been a favorite of residents through the years. However, when that part of the park was being renovated and the new SIA Playground was constructed, the slide no longer met current playground safety standards. It was decided to make the Curly Q slide into a sculpture. The slide was painted in bright yellows, blues, and oranges to match the colors of the adjacent SIA Playground. Steel cut-outs of toys, including sleds, skateboards, ice skates, roller skates, bicycles, unicycles, pogo sticks and rocking horses, were welded to the slide. There are also cut-outs of a monkey, ducks and frozen custard included in the sculpture. All aspects of the sculpture bring back fun memories of the slide and other activities that have happened in the park. According to Roy Patrick, the artist, "The slide was just too good to get rid of. It just brings back a flood of memories to people." Playtime in the Park Sculpture was dedicated on July 2000 and residents can still enjoy gazing upon the Curly Q slide and reminiscing of time spent playing at the park.