State of Denial

409 S. 4th Steet, Lafayette, IN 47901
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Artist: Andrés Arízaga Cordero. This mural is a memorial tribute to all native people of North America. It is a demand to modern societies that based their life style on a state of constant denial, a life style that is implanted in forms of spectacles and consumerism. The subject matter of the mural is the depiction of Native Americans in an environment foreigner to them although they once lived in what is now the state of Indiana. Under the two portraits, there lays an uncanny youth dressed up in costumes to convey the advanced stage of consumerism and spectacle. They are like zombies in this world, walking with no identity or reflection. In addition to the figures, the space that contains them and where they coexist represents and exaggerates our modern cities. This empty warehouse is where decay takes place and disguises the co-existence of nature and peoples, dragging both to a reality where their cultures and memories are not allowed to partake of History.