The Farm at Prophetstown Presents: Spinners on The Farm

3534 Prophetstown Trail, Battle Ground, IN 47905
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Thelma, Louise, and Cocoa, the three sheep who live at The Farm, graciously provide beautiful fleeces each year. Discover how to spin their fleeces to create yarn that can be used to make wearable articles. This hands-on program teaches you to build a simple drop spindle (which you can take home after the event) and provides lessons in beginner spinning on that drop spindle. You will be able to investigate spinning on a spinning wheel via short lessons and/or demonstrations. In addition, you might choose to try hands-on experiences with fiber preparation that include flicking and hand carding the wool. Registration required, $5 per person. Call 765-567-4700 to book your spot! 1:00pm-3:00pm.