The Farm at Prophetstown Presents: Peaceful Farm Yoga

3534 Prophetstown Trail, West Lafayette, IN 47906
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In 1893 at the Chicago World"s Fair Swami Vivekananda gave a speech and shared about Patanjali and his eight yogic limbed path and the practices of yoga began to spread throughout the country. Come find out more about this and some ways that homesteaders may have been unknowingly practicing some yoga on their farms. In this hour long yoga class, we will also discuss how you can incorporate some yogic/homesteading practices in your everyday life. We will close with a yogic meditation to spread love and kindness. Please bring along a mat or towel, water bottle, pen and paper and any other items you may want to have. Please try to arrive 15 minutes prior to the event to set up your area. FREE with park admission.