Purdue Convos presents: Dance Theatre of Harlem

Elliott Hall of Music, 712 3rd St., West Lafayette, IN 47907
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Each year, Purdue celebrates the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through a commemorative event that honors his life’s work in civil rights and social justice. This Convos season, the Dance Theatre of Harlem will elevate this annual event with their stunning, passionate choreography and performance.

Founded in 1969, the Dance Theatre of Harlem is an institution of unparalleled global acclaim, and the 18-member, multi-ethnic company performs a forward-thinking repertoire that uses the language of ballet to celebrate the belief that the art form belongs to everyone. Dance Theatre of Harlem is not just a dance company– they are a singular presence in the ballet world, an elegant example of what is possible when an inclusive approach to art is allowed to evolve and thrive.