Purdue Convos presents: Atlys

West Lafayette, IN 47907
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The repertoire of string quartet ATLYS consists of unique covers of pop and rock hits, striking original compositions, and a dose of classics. The quartet’s energetic musicians are masterful talents—mobile and motivated in the digital age. They are also sought-after studio musicians in their Chicago homebase and beyond. During the pandemic, ATLYS found a niche in providing original string loops and hooks for electronic music producers and hip hop artists alike. The group’s upcoming Convocations residency will be a homecoming for violinist Jinty McTavish, who made her solo debut with the Lafayette Symphony Orchestra at age 10. She will help lead ATLYS through several performances in the Greater Lafayette community, including MatchBOX Coworking Studio, Greyhouse Coffee, Purdue Memorial Union, area high schools, retirement communities, and pop-up outdoor performances on campus.