"Monumental Drawing" featuring the work of Constance Edwards Scopelitis

102 S. 10th Street, Lafayette, IN 47901
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Join us for this unique exhibition featuring graphite drawings and touchscreens by artist Constance Edwards Scopelitis

About the artist...
Constance Edwards Scopelitis merges her intriguing graphite drawings with new digital media to explore socio-political topics, cultural phenomena, and human psychology. Using the hooded figure metaphor for hidden meanings, she explores blame, silent cowardice, online anonymity, and the vitriolic atmosphere that can result. Research proves a connection between anonymity and abusive behavior, but clarity and legality concerns about where privacy begins and ends remains a universal challenge. Scopelitis' touchscreen 2D animations, based on narratives of social justice issues, allow the viewer to alter her artistic drawings. Her work prompts one to confront the ramifications and responsibilities surrounding technology and privacy in our daily lives. She also encourages the need for continued public discourse around meaningful policy reforms.