"Harmony" An Art Exhibit featuring the work of Kira Kalondy

102 S. 10th Street, Lafayette, IN 47901
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"Harmony", An Exhibition of the work of Kira Kalondy
Kira Kalondy is an Associate professor of Ceramics at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana. Having left her native homeland, Mexico, and lived in the United States for more than ten years, Kalondy feels fortunate to have lived and experienced two cultures. She has observed the traits that differentiate and unite these neighboring countries in a world divided by geographical boundaries. This body of work is inspired by her search to bring Armonía (Harmony) into her life. Her ceramic vessels represent powerful moments of introspection as she reflects on the similarities and differences we have as a people. As a world citizen, she focuses on the techniques that help her navigate the waters of everyday experiences. These techniques are often reflected in the form of Canastas (baskets.) These physical objects represent the memory of what she can touch and carry across the border that divides Mexico and the United States.