Must See Outdoor Sites for Fall - Part 1

It's fall! There are so many wonderful locations to visit this fall as the leaves are changing color and there is a cool crispness in the air. Check our list of "Must Visit Sites" to explore in Lafayette-West Lafayette. Wea Creek Orchard Enjoy loads of fun - pick some fresh peaches, nectarines…

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Hike, Bike & Explore the Wabash Heritage Trail

Happening Now! Right now, the talk around town is about this much awaited warmer weather! It is time to get outdoors and take advantage of the sunshine by heading to the Wabash Heritage Trail, a 18 mile hiking and biking trail. Every winter my husband and I say we are not going to let the weather…

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Welcome Freshman to Boiler Gold Rush!

[caption id="attachment_5312" align="alignright" ] Campus Baskets and Walk[/caption] Is it just me or has this summer flown by?! I feel as if the older we get, the faster time seems to go. Maybe it is because life becomes more entertaining as the years go by, and you know the saying “time flies when…

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