Out to Lunch Divas Visit Mama Ines Mexican Bakery

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the wonderful scent of baked goods that greet you at the front door of Mama Ines Mexican Bakery should be worth five thousand or more. Our lunch trip to Mama Ines, 518 Sagamore Parkway N in Lafayette, was not our first. Bev and her husband Jeff are…

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Out To Lunch Divas Visit Taco Rico

[caption id="attachment_5289" align="alignleft" ] The group at Taco Rico![/caption] As I write this review my office window is wide open to a pleasant 78 degrees. Yet Kay’s pictures from our Dining Diva lunch to Taco Rico at 1325 Sagamore Parkway show us wearing fleece jackets? Ok! So I’m a little…

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Out to Lunch Divas Visit Thai Essence

[caption id="attachment_4445" align="alignleft" ] Ice cream Sampler[/caption] Let’s shake things up. Last things first! What comes to mind when you think of Thai food? Usually, it’s not ice cream but that’s exactly how we ended a fabulous lunch at Thai Essence, one of our favorite eateries in West…

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