The Friendly Hang Out - Ol' Buffalo Bar & Grill

Old Buffalo's Outpost Bar and Grill is Lafayette's most friendly hangout. If you're looking for a home-cooked meal without all the hassle of cooking yourself, you need to stop in to this local favorite! When you enter, you'll be greeted by the friendliest staff around. My coworker, Emily, and I had…

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Sgt. Preston’s: A Fabulous Patio and Much More

If you ask people what’s made Sgt. Preston’s of the North a downtown Lafayette staple since 1980, many would quickly tell you it’s the spacious outdoor patio. However, without a solid food & drink menu, friendly staff, awesome specials, and unique ambiance, Preston’s could not have survived this…

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DT Kirby’s – Regular Or Not, It’s Your Bar.

Dive bar 1 1. A well-worn, unglamorous bar, often serving a cheap, simple selection of drinks to a regular clientele. – DT Kirby’s website, thebestdivebar.com When I moved downtown in 2011, I knew DT Kirby’s was going to become one of my regular spots as it has been for so many from the time it was…

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Black Sparrow - Think Fall

Fall may be fast approaching but you can still feel pretty chilled without risking a touch of frostbite. One of Lafayette’s hippest bars, The Black Sparrow, has an atmosphere to match this pretty chill season. The combination of Bohemian culture and carefree attitude makes The Black Sparrow a bar…

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