Be Mine - Valentine's 2017

[caption id="attachment_8861" align="alignright" ] Purdue Jazz Band[/caption] Valentine's Day is almost here!! If you are looking for a romantic weekend getaway there is still time to book your travel! Or if you live in this area and are looking for entertainment close by, check out the endless…

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National Cheese Lovers Day!

Forget all the holidays you think you love. No, today is the best holiday of them all! National Cheese Lovers Day! Cheese lovers, we all can rejoice in this glorious day. Forget the 2017 dieting resolutions. Today we all can indulge in our favorite food, CHEESE! This is a holiday that must be…

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Specialty Hand Crafted Indiana Brews & Wines

[caption id="attachment_8101" align="aligncenter" ] Wildcat Winery[/caption] Specialty Hand Crafted Indiana Brews & Wines; Good Local Owners; One Great Brewing & Winery Destination! Lafayette-West Lafayette is home to 2 local breweries, Lafayette Brewing Company and People’s Brewing Company and one…

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