Celebrating National Hotdog Day at Dog N' Suds!

It's National Hotdog Day! We are celebrating at one of our favorite hotdog drive-ins, Dog N' Suds! Visitors can sit back, relax in their cars and eat foot long coney cheese hotdogs and drink cold, creamy root beer! There are two great locations, one in Lafayette and another in West Lafayette…

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Childhood Memories and Tradition at Dog N' Suds

[caption id="attachment_6296" align="alignright" ] Ordering at Dog N' Suds[/caption] There are moments in life where we sit down, take a deep breath and wonder what it would have been like to grow up in the same decade as our parents or grandparents and experience the same little things that they…

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Dog n Suds

[caption id="attachment_1677" align="alignright" caption="Double Charco Cheese Burger and Onion Rings"] [/caption] 2 Great Cities, 1 Great University “Midwest Hospitality”. To experience “Midwest Hospitality” at its finest visit Dog n Suds, where visitors can sit back, relax in their cars and eat…

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