1869 Tap Room Open To Serve Boiler Country

Finally! Purdue has a bar right on campus in the basement of the historic Purdue Memorial Union. This great addition to the food service area of the Union will allow faculty, staff, students and visitors the opportunity to sit down together over an adult beverage. The 1869 Tap Room opened for…

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Happy National Beer Day

[caption id="attachment_9027" align="alignright" ] People's Brew[/caption] Craft beer. Yes, Lafayette- West Lafayette is obsessed with this craze alongside the rest of the world. We won’t settle for the same old big names anymore. Craft beer lovers will travel and spend a lot of money to find their…

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The Pint - Experts on Craft Beer

[caption id="attachment_4564" align="alignright" ] Drink at the Pint[/caption] I recently discovered our local experts on craft beer at The Pint. If you enjoy the occasional beer or if you are a beer enthusiast then you MUST stop into The Pint in West Lafayette, Indiana. This isn’t your average bar…

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