[caption id="attachment_548" align="alignright" caption="Our Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation created @ Two Tulips"][/caption] 2 Great Cities, 1 Great University “Midwest Hospitality”.  Living in Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, one thing we value is customer service and appreciating the times we receive great customer care.  Midwest Hospitality is Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana.  We are proud of our local businesses that provide gracious and friendly service.  To experience “Midwest Hospitality” at its finest visit Two Tulips, where for more than a decade this business has been serving the community with the finest stationery, invitations, announcements and personalized gifts. Almost a year ago I got married!  New Year's Eve will mark my husband and my 1st anniversary.  Last year was a year of planning and parties to celebrate this significant event in our lives.  Two Tulips participated in this year of planning by providing my mother-in-law with beautiful invitations for our rehearsal dinner party.  My mother-in-law and the owner of Two Tulips worked together to create an elegant, yet hip and trendy invitation. The theme was based around martinis and a mashed potato bar.  Odd combination I know, but my husband and I like to think we are cool drinking our martinis while also being meat and potato people!  Ha!  The invitations came out beautifully and my mother-in-law shared the customer service at Two Tulips was exceptional and she had such a fun time creating them with the owner. Two Tulips offers a wide variety of services from invitations to home decorations to a huge selection of baby gifts.  When you walk into the store, it is bright, cheerful and puts a person in a really positive, happy mood.  There is a whole wall of every different kind of piggy bank created!  I don't know why but the piggy banks always make me smile.  Also, if you are looking for a creative gift this is the place to shop. Not only can you purchase a nice gift but you can personalize most items in-store, and you can custom order personalized jewelry such as Lucy Ann and Heartstrings. For more information about Two Tulips and other wonderful shops in Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, check out our website at www.HomeOfPurdue.com.