When you think of Lafayette, does "Girls Night Out" come to mind? It should with all the wonderful things to do with your girlfriends in this fun, eclectic downtown. There is at least one stop that I can recommend that combines two of the greatest things in this world: friendship and chocolate-covered everything. 

Lafayette is home to Kathy’s Kandies, a sweets shop and chocolate lounge located on Main Street downtown. It is a shop that has two rooms: a main room with the candy, pastries, popcorn, ice cream and other sweet snacks Kathy creates, and an event room for bridal and baby showers, parties, club gatherings and… CHOCOLATE FONDUE. 

Salty, sweet and juicy treats for dipping into chocolate fondue

I had the opportunity to check this chocolate fondue out for myself with five friends, and we were full of smiles and chocolate after leaving Kathy’s that night.

Our table was prepared with decorative plates and napkins along with a plate of strawberries and grapes, a plate of pound cake and brownies, a martini glass filled with marshmallow cubes and a bowl of pretzels.

Once we all were seated, Kathy herself brought out two hot pots of melted chocolate for us to dip the array of sweet and salty foods in to. Chocolate-dipped grapes were the surprise favorite of the night, and brownie bites covered in chocolate fondue were another crowd-pleaser among our group. The fondue stayed warm throughout our experience from a tea light burning underneath the pot.

Pot 1 of 2 of chocolate fondue with a strawberry covered in melted chocolate held above it

This fondue experience is $10 per person, which covers the two plates, bowl and glass of sweets to dip and the pot or pots of fondue. We still had bites of cake and a few grapes left at the end of our experience, so the amount of food prepared was plenty for all of us. Our group of six received two pots of chocolate, and that was more than enough to support thick douses of chocolate for all of us every time. Kathy begins setting the table or tables up hours in advance, so be sure to call ahead to secure a time for fondue.

We were able to have the event room to ourselves, and our table sat eight people. There were at least two or three other long tables like ours in the event room, as well as three other round tables that seat four comfortably.

Kathy, owner of Kathy's Kandies and baker of all things chocolate.

“I worked with some girls who said it would be fun… and it is,” said owner Kathy Logsdon. Kathy’s Kandies has been in business for 19 years, and she has had the event room for the past three years, which is when fondue and parties became a part of her business. Kathy was an excellent host of our event, and her shop’s environment created a vibe that makes you feel like you’re having a girls night in, with all of the chocolate fondue you could ever want.

This experience would be a perfect pairing with a stop at Lafayette Brewing Company or a show at Lafayette Theater for a Girls Night Out in Downtown Lafayette-West Lafayette. 

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