[caption id="attachment_3614" align="alignright" ]Horticulture Park (Photo taken in the spring) Horticulture Park (Photo taken in the spring)[/caption] Visitor Information Specialist, Kristine, enjoys the beauty of Purdue's Horticulture Park. When Purdue students need a break from those long hours spent studying beneath florescent lighting and a cup of coffee just isn’t enough to lift their spirits they take a stroll through Purdue’s Horticulture Park. But this park and all it’s natural wonders aren’t exclusive to students! We encourage everyone in the community to make a trip to Purdue’s Horticulture Park. Whether you need to rejuvenate the spirit or want to rediscover the beauty of nature this park is sure to satisfy! Spanning 24-acres this park is home to over 300 different tree and plant species. Naturalists and newcomers alike will appreciate the tranquility of this wonderful piece of land, made possible by a professor and nature enthusiast, C.W. Beese. A professor of engineering, Beese first began nurturing this space during the 1940s and he officially opened the park on May 10, 1967. Now 46 years later the park not only exists for recreation purposes, but for academic ones too. Forestry and horticulture classes frequently use the park for academic reasons as well as a chance to reestablish a love for the outdoors. Trails maze through the wooded area and treetops provide shade from sunlight as you explore the grounds on mulch covered trails. Take cover under this beautiful natural ceiling of green foliage and breathe deep the sounds of the forest. Intertwining branches will shield you from even the hottest of the sunrays, as you explore this corner of paradise. If you’re looking for a quick trek through one of West Lafayette’s most scenic parks, we suggest taking a moment to visit Purdue’s Horticulture Park. This park has a way of take root in your mind and heart, so hurry over today!