[caption id="attachment_2818" align="alignright" ] Winter Bell Tower - Purdue University[/caption] Surviving Purdue Winters by Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette's intern Lauren: It’s now January and Purdue students on campus are all curled up in their apartments or dorms back from a long holiday break. I’m sure they are dreading that walk to class and are wishing it could be warm again.  Everyone knows winters can be dark and dreary. However, once it snows, Purdue’s campus turns into a magical place. Watch out lunch ladies, you will be missing some of your lunch trays as students gather at Slayter Hill for sledding. If you aren’t a student and haven’t been over to campus after a snowfall, put this on your West Lafayette bucket list. It’s truly a hilarious sight to see as students put their creative talents to work. Some obviously go the old fashioned way with a lunch tray, but others in the past have made wooden sleds, used mattresses, and even went down on an old reclining chair attached to a wood base. Anything and everything has been seen on this campus hill. It’s crazy what measures students take to have a fun time but, it is a great way to get away from studying. While on campus, warm up in one of the many coffee shops.  Students gather at Starbucks, Lavazza, Greyhouse, Undergrounds, Oasis, Vienna (who has some of the best Chai in town) and Café Royal not just to warm up, but to also fulfill that coffee need almost every student has. I’m looking forward to our first big snowfall and a deliciously warm cup of favored coffee.