IMG_4851 Living in Indiana my whole life, I’ve learned to appreciate the warm summer days. After experiencing my share of long Indiana winters, I take advantage of the warm weather by spending my days outside! Lafayette and West Lafayette give me the perfect opportunities to do just that. Recently, I went exploring through Murdock Park. To my surprise, the park is much larger than I originally thought. Conveniently located in the middle of the city, the park has a lot to offer to the public. For the kids, there is a nice playground area with features for all ages of children. Make a day out of it by packing a picnic or grilling out at the handy grills offered throughout the park. You can spread out a blanket or gather around the various picnic tables offered around the area. Hosting a large event? Murdock is the perfect location for an outdoor get-together. With something for all ages, a great location, and two 50-table picnic shelters, it will be a joy for all. Contradicting to its urban location, Murdock Park is also an excellent place to walk through forest terrain. Their 0.52-mile trail gives you the opportunity to admire the wildlife that scurries through the wooded area and has a whopping variety of 40 different trees within the park itself. Murdock Park is also known for its diverse disc golf course. With a mixture of rolling hills and moderately wooded areas, this course provides an enjoyable challenge to its golfers while also still acceptable for new players. As a newbie myself, I must say that I enjoyed playing this course, although I may have thrown a disc or five in the middle of the woods… However, that makes it all the more fun because everyone needs a chance to get a good laugh at yourself. We all have to start somewhere, right? [caption id="attachment_6517" align="aligncenter" ]Budge's Budge's[/caption] Before heading home, an excellent way to wrap up your summertime picnic or to cool down after your hike is to grab a delicious ice cream cone. Just a short drive away is the family-owned and operated Budge’s Drive In, and I ensure that it will be the “cherry on top” of your day. As a historic icon throughout Lafayette, Budge’s has been happily serving customers since 1942. They offer every type of ice cream you could ever imagine, from the classics, such as vanilla, all the way to off-the-wall flavors such as their Flavorburst cone! This long-time community favorite also offers delicious lunch and dinner options such as pulled pork sandwiches, coney dogs, cheeseburgers, and more! Sprinkle some fun on your summer by adding this to your summer bucket list. Although the weather throughout Indiana may be harsh sometimes, it sure has taught me to appreciate the good-weathered days. The sun seems to shine a little brighter and the summers feel that much better knowing I’ve been looking forward to the summer season all winter long. Make the best of your summer by savoring the little things such as a hike through Murdock Park and grabbing a sweet treat from Budge’s Drive In. These moments add up to create an irreplaceable, good ole Indiana summer to treasure forever. Kaley, Visitor Information Specialist and Purdue University Student, shared this blog.