We have the winner of our “Spring Break Staycation Contest 2016″ worth over $550! Congratulations to Susan from Bloomington, Indiana.

QUESTION: Tell us why you should win this awesome, staycation contest?!

Susan shared, "I am originally from Lafayette, however I don’t make it back to town all that much. When I do make it back to Lafayette it is to visit my family for a very quick visit. Rarely have I been able to take my 4 kids around town to see my old “stomping ground”. This year I will be bringing 3 of my 4 children (all high schoolers) to W/Lafayette for spring break because my mother recently had surgery and will need some extra support. I will be helping her recover and my dad would love a break from caring for her. It would be great for our family to get to do some fun activities and explore W/Lafayette without being rushed and give my kids something to look forward to. My dad can participate with us as well and he is in need of a break as caregiver. We reside in Bloomington, Indiana and I want to make sure my kids know just how awesome Lafayette and the surrounding communities are! We are raising them to know the only Indiana College team to root for and MY favorite team….the Purdue Boilermakers! Thanks for your consideration. Boiler Up and Hammer Down!" Thanks to all who participated in this latest contest! Stay tuned for our next big contest/package we will be hosting in May, 2016. The theme will be centered around National Tourism Week!