[caption id="attachment_7142" align="alignright" ]Walnut Street Traditions Candles Walnut Street Traditions Candles[/caption] Shop local this holiday season in nearby Dayton, Indiana! We recommend taking a few hours and heading to Dayton's specialty stores to shop for one of a kind, unique items for your loved ones. It's November! It is really hard to believe that the holiday season is almost upon us.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's; they are so close! This means its shopping season, a time of year some of us love and others dread. I am a little bit in the middle.  I love to find the perfect gift, but sometimes I stress about finding it. Recently, I made a trip to Dayton, Indiana, with a co-worker and was surprised to find three specialty stores in this small town. [caption id="attachment_7143" align="alignleft" ]Walnut Street Traditions Walnut Street Traditions[/caption] Our first stop was Walnut Street Traditions. Upon entering the shop, the aroma of the Hoosier candles the shop owner, Traci, creates and sells made my senses soar in happiness. I immediately made a beeline to the soy candles to smell the scents and decide which lucky candle would soon be making its way to my home! Layered cranberry was the winner. I loved the fresh scent of cranberry and thought it would be the perfect aroma to fill my house over the holidays. The store also offers a beautiful collection of home decor that includes holiday decorations, welcome signage, pottery, and antiques. My husband and I have some wonderful friends who visit a few times a year from Illinois, and every time we get together, we surprise each other with a gift (well, the gift is a surprise, not that giving! ha!)  This store is perfect because Karlie decorates her home in what I would call this style, country living decor. I walked away with not only a candle, but a red painted wood star, that will look perfect in her home. IMG_8365 Delphine'sOur next visit was only a few blocks away (I love small towns!) to Koehler Bros. Koehler Bros. is a landscape business that also is eccentric as they have a museum of art and purchasable antiques on their grounds.  The first thing I noticed when driving up to this business is an old general store with the words Koehler Bros. on the side.  A sign that reads "Antiques" showcases what this store is all about. The store is called Delphine's and is owned by a local couple who sell antiques, rare finds and nostalgia. Antique cupboards, chests, pottery, lamps, signs, etc. encompass the space. If you are looking to find a one of a kind gift this holiday season, this shop is the place to go! [caption id="attachment_7147" align="alignright" ]Delphine's Delphine's[/caption] [caption id="attachment_7148" align="alignright" ]Koehler Bros. Koehler Bros.[/caption] Also on the grounds, a short walking distance away, is the Koehler Bros. museum of art and antique store that is within a reconstructed 1880's Pennsylvania/Indiana big red barn. Folk art and Americana, civil war & political, country store advertising, early furniture - original paint, Victorian furniture, toys, etc. are available for visitors to admire and purchase. A cat greeted us at the door and followed us around as we admired the huge pieces of antique furniture, clothing, and more. We didn't walk away with any purchases, but great gift ideas for the holidays for our antique loving families.   [caption id="attachment_7149" align="alignright" ]Koehler Bros. Koehler Bros.[/caption] Koehler Bros. also has an amazing collection of landscaping items from trees, shrubs, flowers, and more. Looking for a Christmas tree this holiday season? This is the place to shop! Whether you are looking for delicious dining, interesting attractions and shops, enticing events or home away from home lodging—a getaway to the Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana area is sure to satisfy. For more information about these shops and others in the area, visit our website at www.HomeOfPurdue.com