Be a Tourist in Your Backyard - Schwartz Tennis Center As a child I was always curious about the popular sport, tennis.  I was a pretty good athlete and anytime I could be outside shooting a basketball or playing volleyball (I used the roof of my parent's garage as my opponent!) I was.  Unfortunately, the small school I attended did not offer the sport and the tennis court in our small town was overgrown with weeds.  So my tennis skills are lacking (to say the least), but I have always wanted to play and excel at the sport. After moving to West Lafayette, a few friends shared that Purdue University not only has indoor and outdoor courts, but the courts are open to the public for a small fee. And to top it off, they offer classes for all levels of play.  The tennis center is Schwartz Tennis Center.  The courts are outstanding--they are state-of-the-art, modern, and make a player feel like he or she is in a whole new league of his or her own.  The Schwartz Tennis Center welcomes locals, visitors (check with local hotels for special rates) and Purdue students. Locals, take advantage of this great asset that is literally in your own backyard.  I have, and I have to say my tennis skills are still so-so, but with each lesson they improve! For more information about all the sporting facilities at Purdue University visit their website at