[caption id="attachment_9010" align="aligncenter" ]Bennett's Bennett's[/caption] Every spring is like a re-awakening of beauty! Flowers are blooming, the grass is turning green and people are getting outdoors to embrace the warmth after a cold winter.  This spring we are celebrating by visiting two lovely nurseries that have beautiful fresh flowers and expert botanists to help answer any questions you have. Whether you have a green thumb or not, a visit to these businesses, is like walking in a spring flower wonderland! [caption id="attachment_9011" align="alignright" ]Shopping at Bennett's Shopping at Bennett's[/caption]
  • Bennett’s has operated as a family horticultural business in the Greater Lafayette Area for over 100 years. The company was founded between 1870 and 1880 by William Bennett and his son and is currently operated by the sixth Bennett’s generation. An active nursery on 17 acres at the corner of McCarty and Creasy Lanes in Lafayette, Bennett’s can provide you with quality and selection in its large retail nursery, unparalleled garden center or in its full-service greenhouse and floral areas. Have any landscaping questions? All Bennett's employees have been fully trained and can assist with questions about growing, design, etc. (Bennett's is open 7 days a week.) [caption id="attachment_9012" align="aligncenter" ]Springtime at Bennett's Springtime at Bennett's[/caption]
  • Koehler Brothers Nursery is located in Dayton, Indiana, and offers a complete garden center and nursery. Professional landscape and design services are provided. Koehler Bros. is a landscape business that also is eccentric as they have a museum of art and purchasable antiques on their grounds. A general store, called Delphine’s, is located on the grounds and is owned by a local couple who sell antiques, rare finds and nostalgia. (Koehler Brothers and Delphine's is open 7 days a week.) [caption id="attachment_9013" align="aligncenter" ]An alligator is alive at Koehler Brothers! An alligator is alive at Koehler Brothers![/caption]
This spring, get out and brighten your life with flowers!  For more information about Lafayette-West Lafayette businesses, please visit HomeOfPurdue.com. Save