The beautiful prairie!
2 Great Cities, 1 Great University, Be a Tourist in Your Own Backyard!    Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, is home to a Indiana's newest state park, Prophetstown, where visitors can camp year-round in the same area Native Americans hunted and lived along the two rivers for thousands of years
This spring in Indiana we have been blessed to have warm, sunny weather.  Every morning I wake up to the birds chirping and the flowers blooming.  It has been a spring that no one could imagine.  It may be a once in a lifetime spring, so my recommendation to everyone is to take advantage of these bright days and go camping! Prophetstown State Park offers visitors a chance to be engrossed in the sheer beauty of nature.  This park is working to restore native habitats, such as wetlands, wet slopes called fens, prairie and open woodlands.  And you can camp right in the center of it!  With 110 sites including disposal, electricity, picnic areas, restrooms, showers, and water, Prophetstown is the perfect campground to enjoy the natural environment with the comfort of modern day amenities.  Bike trails also give guests an opportunity to exercise in the scenic, calm setting. An added bonus to visiting this park is guests have the opportunity to see the workings of a agriculture and a horse powered farm, Historic Prophetstown.  My family has taken my nephews, ages 2 and 5, to visit the farm.  It is hard to express just how jubilant they were to pet the animals, watch the barn chores (feeding the livestock, collecting eggs, and milking the cows), and ride in the hay wagon.  They are city boys and to watch their eyes light up as chickens wondered around pecking the ground brings a warm feeling to my heart. Vacation, Relaxation, Fun; one image that comes into our heads is sand, sun and water.  Locals travel south to find their peace and quiet, while adventure, history, the arts and entertainment, and more, can be found in our own backyard.  For more information about this state park and other natural areas in Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, visit our website at