[caption id="attachment_4602" align="alignright" ]Famous Bruno Dough! Famous Bruno Dough![/caption] Happening Now! Right now, the talk around town is about food and the fabulous restaurants that offer homemade cuisine at its finest! One of these local restaurants that have been in business since 1955 is Bruno's Pizza and Big O's Sports Room. Hand-tossed pizza, famous Bruno dough, fresh garden salads, and house specialties (veal, bratwurst and manicotti just to name a few), there is something for everyone at Bruno's. If I had the time I could spend hours writing about Bruno's.  My family has been going to Bruno's since before I was born; it was one of my parents' first dates over 35 years ago! This past year we celebrated my mother's 60th birthday here.  It was a surprise party and we invited 60 of her closest friends and family. Bruno's was perfect because they have 3 separate dining rooms and we were able to use the whole front room called the Swiss Room. The room fits the name as it is decorated as though it was right out of a Swiss Chalet in Switzerland and the restaurant's roots stem from this beautiful country. Bruno Itin Sr. immigrated to Indiana from his home in Switzerland.  Bruno Sr. passed away in 2006, but his two sons and daughter run the restaurant along with 6 granddaughters who all work at the restaurant. It is truly a family business! [caption id="attachment_4581" align="alignleft" ]My mom and cousin enjoying her birthday! My mom and cousin enjoying her birthday![/caption] My mom was completely shocked and excited when she arrived to a room full of over joyous friends and family. All the guests were not only happy to celebrate this day, but have the opportunity to eat Bruno's delicious pizza.  To those throwing a party this is the place to go!  You get a private room, great food, and wonderful customer service for a very reasonable price.  For a set cost per person, it was unlimited pizza (this included specialty pizzas), Bruno dough and salad!  (Please note for big parties, anything on their menu can be ordered.)  One of my aunts cannot eat cheese.  What is pizza without cheese?  But Bruno's made her a special pizza with a bunch of vegetables and meats and she was ecstatic.  She said it was wonderful and the funny part is other friends ate it too and they had to make another! [caption id="attachment_4582" align="alignright" ]Friends enjoying the party! Friends enjoying the party![/caption] Whether you are looking for delicious dining, interesting attractions and shops, enticing events or home away from home lodging—a getaway to Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, is sure to satisfy. For more information about this restaurant and others in the area, visit our website at www.HomeOfPurdue.com