2 Great Cities, 1 Great University "College Town Hospitality”.  To experience “College Town Hospitality” at its finest visit Pappy's, The Original Sweet Shop in West Lafayette, Indiana, where visitors can not only eat delicious burgers and shakes, but feel part of the college culture. College towns; there is something so special and vibrant about a college community.  It brings together students, locals, business owners, alumni and more to celebrate a local school where students become adults.  West Lafayette, Indiana, is home to Purdue University, an institution with over 120 years of teaching and empowering students to become anything they want to become.  With this pride, our community is youthful, friendly and welcoming to all. Pappy's Sweet Shop is a dining establishment located within the prestigious Purdue Memorial Union.   Since 1927, this restaurant has been a favorite of Purdue students.  It has been a place where students and visitors can gather and eat classic diner food, while discussing everything from literature, engineering, to the previous night's Purdue basketball game.  It welcomes the diverse group of students and guests entering its establishment. The Wall of Fame Burger is an eating competition that takes place at Pappy's.  If diners can take down this monstrous burger, they can have their photo taken to show off their eating skills.  My husband has taken on this competition.   He, unfortunately, was not successful, but he shared that there was a sense of student pride in competing and it is like a "rite of passage" for students to compete.  Personally, I will stick with ordering their Nathan's hotdog, loaded cheesy fries and homemade chocolate shake (made with the original Purdue Creamery recipe)! Living in Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, one thing we value is a sense of pride in our community.  "College Town Hospitality" is Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana.  For more information about this business and other fun activities in the area, visit our website at www.HomeOfPurdue.com