[caption id="attachment_2359" align="alignright" ] Inner Alley Symphony; Location: on the east side of Artists' Own in the alley, 518 Main Street, Lafayette[/caption] Lafayette-West Lafayette is home to a trail of beautiful and unique outdoor art that wakens your senses and brings wonder into your heart!  Fall is the perfect time to get out and take in the diverse outdoor art that is dispersed throughout our area. The outdoors in Lafayette-West Lafayette is so important to the locals.  As I sit here, typing; I look out my sunroom onto a busy street in West Lafayette and I admire the energy of the community as walkers, bikers and runners go past all the time.  Every time we have company to our home, our guests comment about how often they see people exercising outdoors. Our community has created an "outdoor space" that takes the natural beauty of our land and added artwork into those outdoor areas that stimulates the senses and makes visitors and locals embrace the outdoors.  Lafayette-West Lafayette is home to over 35 pieces of outdoor art that is spread out throughout the area.  Who wouldn't want to go out and take a nice, long run if they had a setting filled with beautiful artwork? As I sit here and type, I am trying to decide which piece of outdoor artwork is my favorite.  Could it be the "Family Farm Sculpture" which is constructed of various tools and items that you would find on the family farm?  I am a farmer's wife so this would fit!  Or possibly the "Ouabache Sculpture" that represents the area; one point represents Lafayette and one point represents West Lafayette with the curve in the middle representing the Wabash River?  I love this area and this sculpture is so unique and beautiful.  Purdue University is also home to many great sculptures and fountains, that showcase many of our world's famous leaders like Neil Armstrong and sculptures like "Point of Departure" which refers to a crossroads in one's life. Do you have a favorite?  Please share your thoughts on our diverse outdoor art! For more information about our outdoor sculptures, murals, and fountains visit www.HomeOfPurdue.com.