Intern Lauren wants to share her experience at a local ice cream staple, The Original Frozen Custard. With all this warm weather lately all I can think about is getting a nice refreshing treat from the Original Frozen Custard, across from Columbian Park!  Growing up, I have always been a fan of their wonderfully sweet fruit drink and amazingly smooth ice cream.  Their fruit drink is nice to have after spending the day at Tropicanoe Cove Water Park (across the street); however, if you like it as much as I do, you are able to drink it by the gallon!  They do sell it by the gallon, making it a perfect drink or punch for reunions and parties! Nevertheless, their fruit drink isn’t their only specialty. Their frozen custard is what they are really known for, and if I may say so, is very tasty too. The classic twist in a waffle cone is one of my favorites! However, make sure to check out their daily specials, as they always have a few unique favors to choose from that are only offered at certain times of the year. For instance, I am a huge lemon fan.  Every time I go to the Custard I always look to see if the Lemon Twist is a special. It is my all time favorite ice cream in the world, seriously! Thinking of all the times I have visited the Custard with friends and family, I have yet to try their sandwiches and such; however, I know that my brother has eaten lunch there a few times and enjoys it. Looks like I know who I’ll be taking there to eat soon!