[caption id="attachment_5836" align="alignright" ]Wolfgang at Wolf Park Wolfgang at Wolf Park[/caption] Happy New Year!  It's that time of year where we think about everything we want to accomplish and create to make 2015 as dashingly wonderful as 2014. It's resolution time!!  What's your New Year's Resolution this year? Or do you have it set yet? We have some wonderful New Year's resolution tips that we think are fun and a great way to get out and create a little magic in 2015!
  1. Head to 5 local restaurants that have a diverse array of food options. Go outside your comfort zone and try something new and different on the menu. Lafayette-West Lafayette is home to over 250 restaurants and we are sure there is some place new you have always wanted to venture to. [caption id="attachment_5848" align="alignleft" ]Try Hot and Spicy Seafood at Gaza Korean Grill - And yes, that is an Octopus!! Try Hot and Spicy Seafood at Gaza Korean Grill - And yes, that is an Octopus!![/caption]
  2. Plan a weekend getaway last minute to a location you have never visited but have always had a passion to explore. Wintertime blues can hit mid February so a last minute trip can really lift the spirits! If you have never visited Lafayette-West Lafayette put us on your list! We are home to a vibrant downtown, specialty attractions, beautiful hotels and more.
  3. Learn to play golf! Lafayette-West Lafayette is home to 162 holes of championship golf and with a golf club in hand; you can take on these master courses!
  4. Visit a one of a kind attraction! Wolf Park is a great choice and all year long you can howl with the wolves where you learn about how the wolves interact with each other and humans. Check out our website for a list of all of our attractions: http://www.homeofpurdue.com/whattodo.html.
  5. Visit a Big Ten University! Boiler up and head to Purdue University where you will feel the vibrant glow of learning, the rush of excitement as Purdue wins a sporting event and the beauty of this magnificent college.
Please share with us your New Year's resolutions this year. We want to hear! If you haven't been to Lafayette-West Lafayette, we are a fabulous location to add to your list. Or if you have been here, we would love to welcome you back! For more information about Lafayette-West Lafayette visit our website at www.HomeOfPurdue.com.