[caption id="attachment_8715" align="alignright" ]Jo biking! Jo biking![/caption] It's almost 2017! Wow, how the time has flown! A new year means so many exciting opportunities to make a resolution or two for a change one wants to make to improve in his or her life. What New Year's resolution(s) are you making this year? We thought it would be fun to share some of our Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette staff's special resolutions for 2017. Enjoy! Sam shares, "My resolution is to make more time to see my family." "To get all my family photos organized!" is Lisa's resolution. Jo has a few, "My New year’s resolutions are: 1. Continue losing weight until I am to my goal weight. 2. Get stronger, as in lifting heavier weights, increasing my endurance and stamina (specifically for bicycling). 3. Finding time to bicycle more and longer distances. "My resolution is to tame my shopping habits and save up money to take another trip overseas!", shares Rachel. My own is to try to take my 3 year old to as many local events and festivals so she can enjoy the culture of our community and have memories that will last a lifetime. Share with us your resolutions!